66 Different Washi Tape Ideas for 2024

66 Different Washi Tape Ideas for 2024

Hey Tape Tribe! Ready to jazz up those journals? We've got the lowdown on "66 Washi Tape Ideas for 2024" that's gonna make your notebooks go from blah to TA-DA!

Whether you're a seasoned scribbler or just doodling your way through, these ideas are all about having a blast with our washi wonders.

From funky patterns to doodle-rific layouts, your journals are about to get a serious upgrade. So, grab your go-to washi rolls and let the good times roll!

1. Spring Serenade Washi Tape Idea 

2. Blossom Epoch Stamp Idea

3. Prague's Colorful Journey Washi Tape Idea

4. Frostbloom Washi Tape Idea

5. Frozen Washi Tape Idea 

6. Golden Blossoms Washi Tape Idea

7. Frozen Washi Tape Idea

8. Midst of the Journey Washi Tape Idea 

9. Cobalt Blue Washi Tape Idea

10. Golden Blossoms Washi Tape Idea

11. Lisbon's Poetic Corners Washi Tape Idea

12. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea 

13. Blossom Epoch Stamp Idea

14. Violet Bliss Washi Tape Idea

15. Golden Blossoms Washi Tape Idea

16. Prague's Colorful Journey Washi Tape Idea

17. Violet Bliss Washi Tape Idea

18. Silent Night Washi Tape Idea 

19. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea

20. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea

21. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea

22. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea

23. Spring Serenade Washi Tape Idea

24. Cockatiel Washi Tape Idea

25. Spring Serenade Washi Tape Idea 

26. Spring Serenade Washi Tape Idea

27. Frozen Washi Tape Idea

28. Hornbills Washi Tape Idea

29. Frostbloom Washi Tape Idea 

30. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea

31. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea

32. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea 

33. Fall Flowers Washi Tape Idea

34. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea

35. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea 

36. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea

37. Flower Corridor Washi Tape Idea 

38. Hornbills Washi Tape Idea 

39. Pink Ballet Washi Tape Idea 

40. Spring Serenade Washi Tape Idea

41. Hornbills Washi Tape Idea

42. Garden Glam Washi Tape Idea

43. Midst of the Journey Washi Tape Idea

44. Spring Serenade Washi Tape Idea

45. Pink Ballet Washi Tape Idea 

46. Spring Serenade Washi Tape Idea

47. Violet Bliss Washi Tape Idea

48. Macbeth's Manuscripts Washi Tape Idea

49. Cockatiel Washi Tape Idea

50. Ink Tranquility Washi Tape Idea

51. Law of Attraction Washi Tape Idea

52. Law of Attraction Washi Tape Idea

53. Law of Attraction Washi Tape Idea

54. Law of Attraction Washi Tape Idea

55. Law of Attraction Washi Tape Idea

56. Law of Attraction Washi Tape Idea

57. Golden Blossoms Washi Tape Idea

58. Violet Bliss Washi Tape Idea

59. Pink Ballet Washi Tape Idea

60. Midst of the Journey Washi Tape Idea

61. Golden Blossoms Washi Tape Idea
62. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea
63. Tea Temptations Washi Tape Idea
64. Joyful Jumble Washi Tape Idea
65. Romeo's Roses Washi Tape Idea
66. Daisy Dreams Stamp Idea

And that's a wrap on our "66 Washi Tape Ideas for 2024" journey. We hope these ideas have injected a burst of color, creativity, and just plain fun into your journaling world. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to tape magic – it's all about your unique spin.

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  • I have bought a few washi tapes I love them started to make my journal with them . Beautiful images on them .

    Anne Marie Duffy on
  • merci de vos idées cela m a bien aidée car je suis débutante depuis 3 mois

    brigitte legrand on
  • Thank you! This will certainly help. I have quite a few washi tapes, I now feel more confident to make pretty pages. Really appreciate it.

    Sharon G on
  • I’m now inspired to use more Washi tape in my journals. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pages.

    Denise P. on
  • Fabulous post. You always give so much inspiration in your posts. Love your art, love your products!

    Deb on
  • Thank you for these wonderful inspiring ideas ! I can certainly use these ideas in my card making. So many thanks again !!! I am sure the grandchildren could be inspired as well for their school projects !!!

    Colleen Green on

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