Exploring Toronto's First Post Office: Where History & Stationery Meet

Exploring Toronto's First Post Office: Where History & Stationery Meet

Today, we invite you on an inspiring journey to a place where history and creativity converge — Toronto’s First Post Office. As lovers of all things paper and stationery, The Washi Tape Shop couldn't resist a visit to this charming historical gem. Join us for a visual adventure showcasing a peek inside the gift shop and a quill-inspired experience!

Step back in time at Toronto's First Post Office, a National Historic Site and museum. The building dates back to 1833 when the site served as the city's main post office until 1839. This beautifully preserved gem is a haven for vintage stationery lovers, offering a glimpse into the city's postal history. 

You can explore historical objects like historical writing instruments, letters, and postmaster seals dating from 1833.

And here's the cherry on top – you can even buy your very own seal to use for your own modern-day penpal letters or stationery projects!

The Gift Shop

Inside, we found a treasure trove of stationery wonders, including some of our very own washi tape designs. The gift shop is a haven for stationery enthusiasts, and we're thrilled to share that The Washi Tape Shop's original designs can now be found here. It's a match made in stationery heaven!

Unleash Your Inner Scribe

Ever dreamt of writing like Shakespeare? Here's your chance! We tried our hand at quill writing, channeling our inner wordsmiths amidst the historic ambiance.

Did you know? Sand was historically used to absorb excess moisture from the ink and help letters dry faster.

Bustling Post Office

But there's more to this enchanting place than meets the eye. Toronto's First Post Office still operates as a fully functional post office, with many local artists keeping their PO box addresses here.

During our visit, we enjoyed meeting the friendly staff and experiencing the lively bustle of people coming and going to mail and pick up parcels.

A Must See for Stationery and History Lovers!

Toronto's First Post Office is a haven for history buffs, stationery aficionados, and anyone seeking a touch of nostalgia. We left feeling inspired and excited to get crafting. We're particularly thrilled that our original washi tape designs are now available in their gift shop!

So, if you're ever in Toronto, make sure to stop by Toronto's First Post Office. You can look forward to an array of community events hosted here, ranging from quill writing workshops to monthly crafting and journaling get-togethers, and an author series. And you might just stumble upon a piece of history and a sprinkle of inspiration for your next creation. 

Until next time, stay creative and keep crafting your own unique stories with The Washi Tape Shop. 🎨✒️

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  • Amazing! Can’t wait to check it out.

    Julianna on
  • I’m planning a trip to Toronto in August. Thanks to your post, I will plan a visit to Toronto’s First Post Office.

    Janie K Carney on

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