Blossom Epoch Stamp Set

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Step into the blossoming beauty of our Blossom Epoch Stamp Set – where floral fantasies come to life! Each stamp boasts intricate designs that dance with the elegance of nature. From dainty petals to lush blooms, this set is a botanical symphony ready to grace your projects with a touch of garden glamour. Embrace the floral epoch and let your creativity bloom.

Easy to clean with ordinary alcohol wet napkin, alcohol gel, or special seal cleaner.
  • Brand: WT (The Washi Tape Shop)
  • Dimensions: 
Summer Whispers Stamp: 85mm x 49mm
Floral Secret Stamp: 59mm x 75mm
Mountain Harmony Stamp: 64mm x70mm
Dreams in Bloom Stamp: 64mm x 75mm
Subtle Fragrance Stamp: 54mm x 80mm
Enchanted Valley Stamp: 73mm x 80mm
Dreamy Horizon Stamp: 73mm x 75mm
  • Material of Handle: Beech Wood
  • Material of Stamp Surface: Resin

The material of the resin printing surface is photosensitive. We suggest storing it away from light; otherwise, the color will change, but it will not affect the clarity or use of the stamp.

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