30 Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape in 2022

30 Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape in 2022

1. DIY lipsticks

2. DIY coasters (Credit: @liadiadesigns)

3. Gift box 

4. Christmas Tag (Credit: @shanoukiart )

5. Gift wrapping (Credit: @saricastudio)

6. 3D card (Credit: @it.journals) 

7. Handmade jewelry (Credit: @edun.jewelry)  

8. Illustration 

(Credit: @karayiib)

(Credit: @torrynmarieart)

9. DIY envelopes

(Credit: @catsplanner)

10. Bookmark

(Credit: @xiaoxiaoxian.miu)

(Credit: @happy_art_journal)

11. Nail art (Credit: @miasolx)

12. Washi tape buttons (Credit: guiademanualidades.com)

13. DIY USB (from Pinterest)

14. DIY washi tape ribbons (Credit: @ohmyhandmade)

15. Washi Tape Bandages (Credit: @thegunnysack)

16. Personalized phone charger  (Credit:  @thegunnysack)

17. Packing (from Pinterest)

18. Washi Tape Lettering (Credit: @redhandledscissors)

 19. Cute clip  (Credit: Phoebe Burt)

20. Gift wrapping  (Credit: @jenniferppriest) 

21. Chest of drawers renovation (Credit: lapetiteanne.blogspot.com)

22. Ornamental Arrows  (Credit: Stampington)

23. Washi Tape Cupcake Toppers (from Pinterest)

24. Washi tape candle  (from The Washi Blog)

25. Specimen art (from suburble.com)

26. DIY clock  (from Pinterest)

27. Mirror frame (Credit: sakartonn.fr)

28 .DIY clip  (from Pinterest)

 29. Washi Tape Planter  (Credit: tealnotes.com)

 30 .DIY cereal boxes (from Pinterest)

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  • Love them, and they gave me some good ideas for more use of my washi tapes. Must get some of the Christmas ones from you…they look lovely.

    Patricia Ann Fuller on
  • Could I have ideas showing how to use Nostalgia Washi tape on a A2 card please? I have purchased a roll of it and have no idea how to use it. Nostalgia is absolutely gorgeous.

    Dorothy Carter on
  • Hello Ann, I used up some washi tape making Christmas ornaments
    http://quillme.blogspot.com/2022/11/washi-bauble.html Also on cards and tags

    Bronwyn on
  • Fun ideas.
    But I have a washi problem, the tapes are so pretty that when I get them I don’t want to use them up …so basically, I collect washi tape just to look at it. Although often I buy 2 of each, one to use one to save …lol

    carol on
  • Thanks for all the inspiration. I never thought of using them for nail art. I love your designs but often am not sure how to use the washi tape after I get it. Now I have so many ideas.

    Carole Strawn on
  • Beautiful projects. Love these very creative and inspiring ways to use my stash of washi tape.

    Hilda on
  • Thank you so much for all of the ideas. They are beautiful stickers and now I have more uses for

    Renee Adams on
  • I love these items but too expensive of a craft for me.

    Linda H. on
  • Thank you for the ideas for the Washi tape! I see it a lot in the craft stores, but didn’t know what it was for! Thanks again❤️

    Jolene Pruitt on
  • Beautiful Beautiful thank you

    Mary on

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