30 Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape in 2022

30 Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape in 2022

1. DIY lipsticks

2. DIY coasters (Credit: @liadiadesigns)

3. Gift box 

4. Christmas Tag (Credit: @shanoukiart )

5. Gift wrapping (Credit: @saricastudio)

6. 3D card (Credit: @it.journals) 

7. Handmade jewelry (Credit: @edun.jewelry)  

8. Illustration 

(Credit: @karayiib)

(Credit: @torrynmarieart)

9. DIY envelopes

(Credit: @catsplanner)

10. Bookmark

(Credit: @xiaoxiaoxian.miu)

(Credit: @happy_art_journal)

11. Nail art (Credit: @miasolx)

12. Washi tape buttons (Credit: guiademanualidades.com)

13. DIY USB (from Pinterest)

14. DIY washi tape ribbons (Credit: @ohmyhandmade)

15. Washi Tape Bandages (Credit: @thegunnysack)

16. Personalized phone charger  (Credit:  @thegunnysack)

17. Packing (from Pinterest)

18. Washi Tape Lettering (Credit: @redhandledscissors)

 19. Cute clip  (Credit: Phoebe Burt)

20. Gift wrapping  (Credit: @jenniferppriest) 

21. Chest of drawers renovation (Credit: lapetiteanne.blogspot.com)

22. Ornamental Arrows  (Credit: Stampington)

23. Washi Tape Cupcake Toppers (from Pinterest)

24. Washi tape candle  (from The Washi Blog)

25. Specimen art (from suburble.com)

26. DIY clock  (from Pinterest)

27. Mirror frame (Credit: sakartonn.fr)

28 .DIY clip  (from Pinterest)

 29. Washi Tape Planter  (Credit: tealnotes.com)

 30 .DIY cereal boxes (from Pinterest)

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  • WOW!!!! These ideas are so Cool and so many ways to Create! I am definitely going to be trying some of the different ideas!! FUN :) Thank you for sharing

    Jayne on
  • My favorite thing to do with mine is clip a little section and use it to seal up envelopes. It’s a pretty bit of fun that will brighten someone’s day!

    Jody on
  • Ces idées sont géniales. Je vais sûrement m’en servir pour mes Washi Tape. C’est une invention magique et élégante.

    Hélène Dubois on
  • Very inspiring 🙏🤩🎄

    Marie on
  • Love, love, love these ideas! Don’t quite know how these amazing crafters did some of them, but I certainly have some ideas now of how to use my stash and now I want to buy some new and different ones!

    Sarah S on
  • Thank you for the awesome ideas!! I tend to hoard mine but now it’s time to share their beauty!!

    Michelle on
  • Wow! This was interesting as didn’t know you could use Washi tape for all these different items. Spiked my creative juices.

    Patricia on
  • Love some of these ideas…Will really have to use mine but I tend to hoard them as they’re so beautiful!

    Janet wallington on
  • Thank you for giving me useful ideas 🙏🏽 My Washi Tapes are just lying around in my stationery box. I think the greatest advice is really to just start using them otherwise they will rot in the Long run.☺️😌

    Ari K. on

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