Wanderlust by @torrynmarieart

Wanderlust by @torrynmarieart

With a strong desire to explore this beautiful planet of ours, this collection of Washi Tape designs are inspired by the unique features of five countries including India, Australia, South Korea, Finland, and Mexico. The rich beauty of these places and that exhilarating feeling of travel captured in a moment for your journaling or art escape.

This set is a part of our Washi Tape Artist Collaboration project, where we are collaborating with some of your favorite artists to bring you washi tape with incredible art and a story!

Torryn's Design Process & Story

What was the inspiration behind this design?

The inspiration for these designs came from my art bullet journaling series, where I research the countries of our planet and get inspired by their unique features.

These five designs include India, Australia, South Korea, Finland and Mexico. They were some of my favourite explorations, and they provide me with such rich inspiration from their landmarks, culture, history, flora, and fauna.

I've decided to call the collection "Wanderlust" to express that feeling of wanting to travel and experience all the corners of the world. 

Watch the video below to see Torryn explain her unique art style and her creative process!

What was your process for creating the design?

All of my art starts with a hand-drawn sketch of the design that I can see in my head. I love detail and intricacies, so I wanted to design a range that had lots of little things to look at.

Once I've got that down on paper, I use references to get accurate likeness for individual subjects. With this series, I used a mix of traditional art using watercolour paint, and then digital art for elements of the designs on top, and to sharpen everything up.

I absolutely love gold, so I was quite mindful about how I could use the gilding to enhance the overall feeling of the series.

How would you describe your style as an artist?

I would describe myself as a mixed media figurative artist. I have inspirations from movements like Art Nouveau and Surrealism in particular.

I love portraiture and animals, so I often focus on the natural living beauties and charms of our planet. 

See more of Torryn's work:

Artist: Torryn Marie @torrynmarieart
YouTube Channel | Website

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About the Washi Tape Artist Collaboration Project

It all starts with a blank page and a creative spark. Support the artists you love, be inspired by stunning made-from-scratch designs, and unleash your creativity with top-quality washi tapes. Join us on our shared journey of turning a blank page into something beautiful!


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  • I ordered from here and I see it’s on the way. But I agree that for the sets, we should have the option to select what we really want. If we keep buying the sets, it will fill up our washi tape storage and we would have tapes that we don’t like. I really like the store but please consider our suggestions.

    Diane Blake on
  • I agree with the other posters. I would like to purchase individual washi tapes I really like rather than having to buy a whole set of what’s been picked for me.

    Linda Brimigion on
  • I want to order again, but it will be 1 month now and still didn’t receive my first order!! any comment? please help!

    Lorna González on
  • Agreeing with giving us the choice to purchase individual washi tapes of our choice. Require a minimum order if you must.

    Antara on
  • I agree with the other commenters!
    I’d buy more of your tapes if I could buy individual designs from a set rather than the full set.

    First of all I don’t have space for too many different rolls.Secondly, sometimes I don’t absolutely LOVE all the designs in a set, and if I’m going to buy washi I want to love it otherwise I know it’ll just end up in my drawer not being used.

    Please consider offering this as an option, thanks :)

    Sarah on
  • Just received my order and am really pleased with it. Will be in touch sometime in the near future with what my ‘brain’ has designed with them.

    Kay Dowsing on
  • I wish we had the opportunity to choose the Washi we want instead of buying in full sets. I would purchase more.

    Kathryn Nelson-Davis on
  • I agree with this idea, including the minimum order idea.

    Tracie Davis on
  • I heartily agree with Coleen Siegel! I love to be able to put a pack together that suits my needs. You could require a pack of 3 – 5 for purchase.

    Jean Bruner on
  • Too bad we can’t buy individual rolls instead of the whole pack in a collection. Some I love, and others I don’t like.

    Colleen Siegel on

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