#MyJournalStory: How to Bullet Journal with @noteswithlu

#MyJournalStory: How to Bullet Journal with @noteswithlu

A little introduction

Hello! I’m Luisa from @noteswithlu. I am dedicated to sharing ideas and inspiration for bullet journal, so this time I’ll share with you the process of a cover idea for August and my weekly spread inspired by the summer. These two ideas are pretty easy to do and look great for your bullet journal. 

Before starting I want to tell you a little bit about myself.I am a Business Administration student, I’m from Yucatan, Mexico and I live near the beach which is my favorite place, so making my beach-themed bujo this month makes me so happy.

The bullet journal has become essential in my life and personally I also use it as something therapeutic. It's a great tool for me to get organized and work with my creativity. 

Let’s start with our month's cover

For this cover I decided to make a  simple design but also beautiful so I will use some kraft paper, a washi tape and some markers.

First, the cover page.

The first thing we will do is glue our paper to the center of the sheet with some washi tapes to decorate it and to give it a colorful touch. 

Also we are going to draw some doodles. I decided to add starfish and some shells but you can add fish or any other kind of decoration, let your creativity guide you.

You don't need to be an expert in drawing to do it, in my case I looked for some images on Pinterest.

This would be the final result. I loved this cover idea, it's pretty easy to make and it turned out quite beautiful. It took me less than 20 minutes to make it. I decided to decorate this cover idea with some shell doodles because every time I go to the beach I enjoy appreciating each shell because they are all different and unique. I love to appreciate those little details and it’s something that makes me happy.

So I hope you liked this cover idea that I made with a lot of love.

Next up: weekly spread

Once our cover of August is finished we can start with our weekly spread, for this one we will be using the washi tape from the Waves of Rebun set. This washi tape is very beautiful and will be the main of my spread.

This tape reminds me a lot of a trip I made to Cozumel, since to get to the island you have to go through a ferry and the experience of seeing the open sea with the waves and the dark blue color of the water is quite an amazing feeling.

Cutting out the silhouette

Now that we have our washi tape we will proceed to cut out the silhouette for a more organic finish.

Personally, I like to do bullet journaling at night because that’s when I feel most inspired but I also like to do it during the day, it all depends on how I feel. So my recommendation is to find the time and the moment when you feel comfortable to do bujo and have this feeling of relaxation.

Organized Blocks

In the bullet journal community I have seen many ways to organize your spread but I prefer when it is organized in blocks because in this way we can have more space in case we want to add some kind of design such as washi tapes or doodles. I'm going to be using a gold gelly roll to do the strokes

Final touches

Once our blocks are finished we can choose the colors we want, in my case I use blue tones and add the names of the week with a marker. I also put the month with the same colors and outlined it with the gold tone. Finally, I added some details in gold color so that the sheet would not be so empty.

Finished spread

Now we have this beautiful weekly spread inspired by the beach/summer. Personally I loved the result and it didn't take me long to make this spread so I hope you like it as much as I do. Remember that the bullet journal allows us to be creative either with a lot of material or a little and, as we can see, it doesn't take more than a good washi tape to achieve an incredible result.

Keeping a bullet journal allows me to experiment and play with my creativity, in addition to helping me to have better mental health by having everything written and having my mind more relaxed.

You are invited!

So I invite you to do some of these ideas if you liked them and don’t forget to tag me so that I can see it. You can find me on instagram as @noteswithlu.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read me and I send you very good vibes.

Thanks to Luisa for sharing her story with us. Be sure to follow her at @noteswithlu.

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  • 1260 Chemin Bellevue Ouest Cap-Saint-Ignace G0R 1H0

    France Thériault on
  • This is gorgeous.

    I started getting crafty with my gratitude journaling and its been so fun and beautiful. Now I so look forward to do it when initially twas a struggle.

    Michelle on
  • A wonderful spread! I’m 57 and live in Italy. I’ve tried for almost 4 years to keep a bullet Journal but without big results.
    I do junk journals but here they are not so approximated. Nobody keeps a Journal and e En if I’m in love with it I never know how to use it.
    Keep doing spreads like this one cause you’re wonderful!

    Emilia (Lilli) Calderone on
  • Wow! You have more pens than I do! I love your ideas, love the creativity. I’m almost 65, live in Alaska and what keeps me sane during our long dark winters (and any time) is journaling. I LOVE your passion and artistry. I just might try some of your page spreads – Deanna

    Deanna Cooper on

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