#MyJournalStory: Lawrence Sabidor of @journalawrence

#MyJournalStory: Lawrence Sabidor of @journalawrence

Lawrence Sabidor is a journal creator, known on social media for sharing his themed journal spreads. Each month, Lawrence transforms his journal, inspired by a different theme, and shares it with his Instagram followers. Over time, this has created a stunning feed of consistent spreads and neat designs on Lawrence's Instagram page.

We wanted to find out about Lawrence's journal and his dedication to his Instagram despite the downsides of sharing one's passion online. 

Here's our interview: 

Can you tell us about your journey in the journaling community? When did you set up your first journal? What inspired you to create your own journal account and start posting on Instagram?

I have no more words to say to the journaling community because the journaling community has been very kind to me and relieves stress especially when you make bullet journal spreads and people still appreciate what you do. 

On July 29, 2019, I still remember this day and year because it was the day I did my First Weekly task. I haven’t shared it on my Instagram yet because I started sharing my bullet journal spreads on September 1, 2019. 

I started making my journals year 2019 on my personal account, I was inspired by @amandarachlee and in May 2020 because it was forbidden to go outside because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

I started and I even thought of making my Art account which I called @journalawrence just the first week before I made my account I immediately received good comments. And I continued this until little by little my works were recognized in different parts of the country.

Your journal features a stunning theme each month. Can you tell us about where you get your inspiration for journal spreads from?

At first, my monthly themes were just recreation inspired by amandarachlee until I came up with the idea to try to make my theme. And the very first theme that I made was the Tiktok theme, later on, that theme was appreciated by people and that's where I made my monthly theme.

The themes that I create are sometimes just in my mind and the ones I want to make the theme.

Your Instagram feed is beautiful! How did you manage to create such a lovely flatlay background for your Instagram posts, and how have you kept your feed so satisfyingly consist for so long?

All pictures that I share monthly on Instagram, I took a picture of different days. Sometimes the single spreads take up to 40 shots to 50 shots so I can get the angle I want to share on my Instagram.

Believe it or not, I take up to 30 minutes to get great shots, and sometimes I even wait for the sky to brighten so that the brightness, contrast, and saturation of my photos are the same and I just edit it a bit using my phone.

Does it become difficult or stressful to constantly create new spreads and to share new journaling content online while prioritizing your personal life and other activities, or have you found a balance so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming?

It became difficult for me to balance my personal life while I was doing weekly spreads. I struggled at first and sometimes I even became inactive on Instagram.

Yes, it's stressful because I see my Instagram engagements keep going down. It has been difficult for me. And it affected my mental health because sometimes I compare myself to others. Until little, by little I grow and I got to know myself better and why I do the arts.

I make art because it is the talent given to me by God. I have become even more active now because I am gradually getting to know myself. I can also balance my house chores, my small business, and of course my journal spreads.

What is your advice for journal creators who want to make the most out of the Instagram journal community as you have?

Just like I say to all my bullet journal friends. you need determination and proper discipline in yourself. if you love what you do just keep going, keep on sharing, and continue creating! They should never compare their work with other people. You can create more consistent lines and achieve the style that you want!

Finally, of all the stationery you use, which item would you say is your favorite?

My favorite stationery I use is the brush pens. Because since I started in Bullet journal, this has always been with me. This brush pen can't be lost in my Stationery. I love my brush pen! 

Thanks to Lawrence for answering these questions. Be sure to follow @journalawrence on Instagram.

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