#MyJournalStory: Cynthia of @mymellowdays

#MyJournalStory: Cynthia of @mymellowdays

Cynthia is an artist and lifelong stationery enthusiast who co-founded the Mellow Days stationery store with her husband. Cynthia's Instagram, @mymellowdays, is also a stunning source of inspiration for her community of almost fifty thousand followers.

We interviewed Cynthia to learn about her passion for stationery, and about the link between her journal and her business.

Here's our interview with Cynthia:

Can you tell us where your love for stationery and journaling began?

Ever since I was young, that I can remember, I’ve liked pretty stationery items like notebooks, erasers, stickers, and pencils but didn’t have many, so I treasured the ones I had. Maybe also because they were items that I used for drawing and for note taking in school.

I now find it amazing that we are able to design and create our own stickers, washi tape, and Rêverie Journal (which is our watercolor bullet journal), and for that we are both very thankful for.

Your Instagram page is filled with inspiring journaling content. Can you tell us how you use your journal in your day-to-day life? 

My journaling falls under the category of diary keeping, so I write about my day, thoughts, happenings, things like that. I don’t journal everyday but I usually find the time in the evenings, at the end of the day. I also keep separate journals for notes and another for writing down recipes that we make.

You own a wonderful stationery store. What inspired you to create the Mellow Days stationery store with your husband?

Our Mellow Days project started after I moved to France from California. I didn’t speak or really understand the language so I couldn’t just go out and find a job, this lead to us starting our online shop with our common interest in stationery and art.

We didn’t have any background knowledge in business or anything like that so we’ve just been learning on the way and enjoying the process.

How has journaling enabled you to stay organized as a business owner? 

I actually don’t keep a journal for our business, meaning to plan or organize events, but I do from time to time write down ideas or little notes in a journal that my husband and I both use.

However the notes are written down on random pages, so I can’t say they are very “organized”. For me journaling is more of a fun, personal hobby. 

You're also an artist -- you regularly share your own watercolor art and drawings. How did you learn to create such stunning artwork?

I’ve always loved drawing ever since I can remember, so I’ve just been drawing for fun and learning as I go. I also took art classes in school, but those were also just for fun and to be able to try different art mediums.

Of course, your creativity is central to your stationery business, but I'm sure that you also enjoy creating art to relax. How do you balance your personal and professional creative lives, or would you say that the two are inextricably linked?

I think both are linked for me, I only draw things and subjects that inspire me in my journal, which I later go through to select the best illustrations to create into sticker sheets. I do though sometimes feel pressured to draw “quicker” or more for new sticker releases, but I try not to do that.

What tips would you offer to another business owner or creative professional who would like to incorporate journaling into their everyday routine?

Since I journal a few times a week it gives me the opportunity to be creative, to practice my artwork, and to write down thoughts, a time that I take for myself. If you’re a business owner and have considered journaling it can be a good way to write down ideas and document your business journey, or to just take a moment for yourself. 

Thanks to Cynthia for sharing her story. Be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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