How to Start a Bullet Journal: Tips & Demo || LIVE with Mistral Spirit

How to Start a Bullet Journal: Tips & Demo || LIVE with Mistral Spirit

Today’s topic was how to start a bullet journal with Ioana of @Mistral Spirit!

She showed some tools you need (and don't need) for bullet journaling, the basic planning spreads, some spread ideas from her many previous notebooks, and different bullet journal styles you can use - like minimal, scrapbook-y, doodler, and professional!

Tag us @thewashitapeshop to show us your bullet journal or another planning system! ♥

Watch the LIVE replay from Wednesday, February 16 at 10 AM EST.

Things mentioned in the video & other helpful links

• Bullet journaling essentials •

How to start a bullet journal | all you need to know 10 min CRASH COURSE by @Mistral Spirit 

MyJournalStory: How to Bullet Journal with @noteswithlu 

Monthly bullet journal spread printables by  @Mistral Spirit  

11 Bullet Journal Style ideas video by  @Mistral Spirit  

• Spread ideas •

62 Bullet journal spread ideas in 3 minutes with  @Mistral Spirit  

23 Minimalistic Bullet Journal Layout Ideas for 2022 blog post 

Watch the replay of our February bullet journal live stream setup 

Tips to reset your sleep schedule 

• My Journal Stories Series •

MyJournalStory: Cynthia of @cynthiabujo 

MyJournalStory: Sonia of @medstud.ies 

• Products •

13 Piece Custom Washi Sticker Contest Design Set 

The Washi Tape Shop Bullet journals 

Ioana's favourite washi tape set 

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Learn more about our live streams. Join us every Sunday and Wednesday for a TikTok and Instagram live stream with our team member Ioana of @mistralspirit. Each livestream has a new topic: washi tape Q&As, follow-along crafting workshops, journaling and planning sessions, and sharing our latest product releases!

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