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Wednesday, February 23: Watercolour Tulips Tutorial with @torrynmarieart: Inspired by her Netherlands March Bullet Journal theme

TikTok: 8:30 PM EST
Instagram: 9:00 PM EST

Get ready for our first guest live stream with Torryn Marie of @torrynmarieart by browsing the reference photos for the project below!

Find more of Torryn's work:

YouTube Channel | Website

Sunday, February 13: Valentine's Day DIY: Date, Friend or Family Cupcake Activity Toppers

For this livestream, we'll be decorating cupcake toppers with playful activity ideas and challenges you can do with your partner, friend, or family!


1. Download and print this letter-sized cupcake topper template.

2. Washi tape (ideally to make this craft easier, choose ones with paper backing).

3. Cupcakes!

4. Toothpicks

5. Scissors

Sunday, February 6: Valentine's Day Cards Workshop

Follow along on our next livestream and make Valentine's Day cards, two ways!


1. Download and print this template for card #1. For a regular greeting card size, print this to scale on a 5"x7" paper.

2. Your favourite washi tape set (for card #2, bring some vintage washi tape if you have any!)
3. A precision crafting knife (and scissors).
4. Thicker cardstock paper folded to approximately greeting card size (5"x7")

About the Livestreams

Join us every Sunday and Wednesday for a TikTok and Instagram live stream with our team member Ioana of @mistralspirit. Each livestream has a new theme: washi tape Q&As, follow-along crafting workshops, journaling and planning sessions, and sharing our latest product releases!

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TikTok: Sundays and Wednesdays at 9:30 AM EST
Instagram: Sundays and Wednesdays at 10 AM EST

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