Aungkon Washi Tape Set by @tritopus_

Aungkon Washi Tape Set by @tritopus_

Learn more about the unique story and culture behind Iffa's beautiful, newly released Aungkon Washi Tape Set!

The word “Aungkon” means “drawing” in the Bengali language. Drawing or scribbling your thoughts is the purest creation that brings out your creative self on a piece of paper.


Iffa's Design Process & Story

What was the inspiration behind this design?

The culture of Bangladesh has been an inspiration for this Washi tape set. I designed one of the washi tapes with the national flower water lily, Sampan which is a unique fishing boat in Bangladesh, Palanquin (Palki) and handmade hand fans from Asian palmyra palm leaf and yarn.

Another washi tape design came from the old Bengali art tradition Nakshi Kantha which is a colorful embroidered blanket. It is made with threads and old cloth. To make the washi tape set unique, I took some inspiration from folk designs used in pottery art and rickshaw patterns.

I designed two more floral washi tapes with watercolors. I painted some poppy and magnolia in different colors. They don’t look realistic because I have changed them in my own style. The overlaying techniques were inspired by international artist @jenny_illustrations. I have learned a lot by watching her videos.

Watch the video below to see Iffa's process!

What was your process for creating the design?

I used watercolor papers and watercolors to make four of the designs. At first, I sketched out the draft on A4 size printing papers and redrew using the light tracing method on the watercolor papers with a 0.7mm mechanical pencil.

For securing the template, I used a cutting board and pieces of masking tape. I used the overlay technique in two of the floral designs and simple strokes for the rest.

I wanted to add some of the elements digitally. So, the designs I drew by hand were vectorized in Adobe illustrator 2020. I colored them black before scanning the elements and changed the colors afterward. I used some cropping tools to make the water lilies and Sampan with the waves in size and added them in front of the background. I used the same technique of vectorization in Adobe illustrator for the gilded elements. Also, I’ve used the patch tool from Adobe photoshop to heal any discoloration.

How would you describe your style as an artist?

I'm a self taught artist. I love trying out different coloring techniques. But I am more comfortable with watercolor and line art. I would say I don’t have any specific style. Sometimes, I like to draw abstractly and sometimes I’m into realistic paintings.

See more of Iffa's work:

Instagram: @tritopus_

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  • They are all so beautiful, and I would love to buy every one of them. The bookmakers are gorgeous!

    Linda Hollingshead on
  • I love them. They are beautiful and I have purchased many. But my question is what do you do with them? Can we have some suggestions please?

    Candace Kwasnicki on
  • Absolutely beautiful!!!

    Beverly Presley-Munguia on

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