Fiori Profumati Di Primavera by @feebujo

Fiori Profumati Di Primavera by @feebujo

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes of Federica of @feebujo's inspiration and style for designing our latest Fiori Profumati di Primavera 5-piece washi tape set!

"Fiori Profumati di Primavera" means "Scented Spring Flowers" in Italian: When the winter ends and you can smell the first spring flowers on your clothes, sit down, look at the starry sky with a light wind that caresses your skin, and hear the sound of nature. Wait till the flowers bloom with the arrival of the sun.

Federica's Design Process & Story

What was the inspiration behind this design?

To create the designs, I let myself be inspired by one of my favorite seasons: spring. I imagined myself on a spring morning, outdoors, awaiting the arrival of the sun to be able to see the new flowers that have grown on the trees -the flowers that unfortunately we can't see in the other seasons of the year.

This was my main inspiration and what I imagined while creating my designs. I created the flowers thinking about those weeks and days when the trees in our cities are coloured and filled with unique flowers that can only be seen once during the year.

Watch the video below to see Federica's unique art style in action, her sources of inspiration, and her creative process!

What was your process for creating the design?

Usually when I go out for a walk, I photograph all the particular botanical elements I see. My photo gallery is full of pictures of flowers, plants, leaves, etc.

I use these photos as the starting point from which to create my drawings. That is exactly what I did for this project.

I looked at my pictures on my iPhone and I searched the pictures of specific flowers and plants on the Internet.

Then, I drew everything on my iPad - changing and adding elements as I went, and incorporating my style. My main purpose for this washi tape set is for anyone who sees them to be able to imagine having those flowers in their hands.

How would you describe your style as an artist?

I would describe my style as minimal because I prefer the black & white. But very often, I also use the colors so it's a particular kind of minimal!

I think the particularity of my style comes from my use of lines. In my drawings, I use a combination of thicker and finer lines.

Usually I use thicker lines for the external parts of my botanical elements and finer lines for creating the interior details.

Also, I love changing the interior elements of my flowers and plants, to create new elements that perhaps do not exist in nature.

So, I think that these two points are what best characterize my style. I'd say these are the defining characteristic features.

See more of Federica's work:

Instagram: @feebujo

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