Washi Tape Ideas 2020

Washi Tape Ideas 2020

Our Favourite Washi Tape Ideas for 2020

Washi tape is the new must-have crafting accessory. It’s the gorgeous eco-friendly masking tape that can stick to a range of materials and be used for pretty much anything. If you’re curious about how to use washi tape, we’ve got plenty of ideas here for you. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of our favorite uses for washi tape in 2020!

Interior decor with washi tape

Want a cheap way to transform a room? Washi tape is the answer! With a little time, dedication and inspiration, you really can make a huge difference to your home with washi tape. With it, you can decorate almost anything and the possible uses really are endless! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite interior decor ideas below.

Brighten up blinds

You can brighten up blinds with washi tape. It works best on horizontal Venetian blinds, as the tape can be stuck right along each slat. It can be a bit fiddly with wider slats to align the patterns, but the final result is worth it. You could even go further and make washi tape wallpaper!

Washi Tape Blinds | The Washi Blog 

Customized candle holders

A simple tea light can be transformed with a strip of washi tape. So can a mason jar, or a plain candle holder of almost any material! 

Washi Tape Candle Holder | The Washi Blog

DIY photo frames

Why buy an expensive photo frame that needs to be changed every time you decorate, when you can customize a cheap frame with washi tape? Use the pattern of your choice and stick the washi tape along the edges of the frame. The best bit? You can easily change the washi tape to transform the appearance of the frame.

Washi Tape Wall Frames | The Washi Blog

Lampshade lining

The inside lining of a lampshade makes a huge difference to the ambiance of a room. With washi tape, you can create the atmosphere you want by lining the inside of a lampshade. Try gold for a lovely warm feel, or white to amplify the light.

But why stick to the inside? Washi tape is an amazing way to create a funky and unique lampshade. Choose any number of tapes that you fancy, and layer them over one another. Try angling the tapes for an eye-catching look.

Washi Tape Lamps | The Washi Blog

Make plant pots pop

Layering isn’t just for lampshades either. Planters and plant pots are perfect for washi tape. Line the edges, or decorate the entire pot by alternating patterns. 

Washi Tape Plant Pots | The Washi Blog

Spruce up tableware

Coasters and placemats can also be given a new lease of life with a washi tape makeover. Pattern them with washi tape: make stripes, match with your wallpaper, elaborate a plain design - the options are endless!

Washi Tape Spoons | The Washi Blog

Washi tape magnets

With washi tapes, you can customize your fridge magnets to your heart’s content. We love the fact that the tape can easily be removed and changed, so you never need to get bored of seeing the same things.

Washi Tape Fridge Magnets | The Washi Blog

Wall art

Usually expensive, difficult to apply and perhaps most important of all - permanent. Washi tape wall art is a different story though! Simple to apply and easily removable, you can go crazy creating wall and floor art in your home. From murals to feature walls to mini race tracks for kids, washi tape is the ultimate flexible tool for creating instantly stunning floor and wall art.

We've also recently collaborated with Redfin Real Estate and they shared more ideas around wall decorations here.

Washi Tape Wall Art | The Washi Blog

Washi tape craft ideas

Washi tape is absolutely perfect for crafting! It can be applied to a number of materials including paper, wood, and metal, giving you the freedom to use this pretty biodegradable paper in a wide range of crafting projects. The only limit is your imagination...

Washi tape hair accessories

Brighten up a boring hair clip with a single strip of washi tape. Simply stick the tape along the top edge of the clip to instantly create a stylish new hair accessory that you can easily change to match any outfit!

Washi Tape Hair Clips | The Washi Blog

Washi tape for journaling

The perfect match: washi tape and journaling. Journaling has seen a surge in popularity recently, combining crafting and creating memories. It can be time-consuming, but washi tape makes it a whole lot easier - and prettier! Use it to frame photos, create bookmarks, pattern pages - the options are endless! 

Washi Tape Journals | The Washi Blog

Washi tape flags

Flag banners make great decor for almost any occasion: weddings, birthdays, festive celebrations - you name it! But if you’ve ever spent hours trawling through online marketplaces trying to find the perfect banner for your occasion, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to find one that’s just right. With washi tape, you can make your own! You don't need to be an expert either. All you need is a piece of string (parcel string is our favorite) and a couple of washi tapes of your choice. Take a few strips of washi tape, fold them around the string and stick the two sides together and voila - you have a flag! Repeat as you like, using as many different patterns as you like. Remember to trim the ends with scissors to create a neat appearance.

Washi Tape Flags | The Washi Blog


Crafting doesn’t need to be complex and time-consuming! It can be as simple as taking a small piece of card and decorating it with washi tape. In 5 minutes, you have a beautiful new bookmark!

Washi Tape Book Marks | The Washi Blog

Occasion cards

A handmade card is a great way to show your enthusiasm for an occasion. Washi tape makes it quick and easy to create a beautiful, personal card that will really stand out from those store-bought cards. Be as simple or creative as you like - all you need is a folded piece of card and as much washi tape as you like.

Washi Tape Cards | The Washi Blog

Inspired? Stock up on washi tape here!

No doubt you already have some washi tape to hand, but with all these ideas to start you off, you’ll surely need some more! The Washi Tape Shop is your one-stop destination for beautiful washi tape designs, ranging from plain to luxurious gilded patterns, all at incredible prices with free shipping offered on every order, whether you order 1 washi tape or 100!

Solid Color Washi Tapes | The Washi Tape Shop

Whatever you’re making, our washi tape collection has the perfect design for you. Get inspired - and keep coming back to our blog for more washi tape ideas!

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