7 Simple Crafty Washi Tape Ideas

7 Simple Crafty Washi Tape Ideas

Hi, Nicola here from My Inner Creative, and I was tasked with the very exciting opportunity to discuss awesome and fun, crafty things to do with washi tape! Now, if you know me, you'll know I am a self-confessed washi hoarder. I have tons of them, and I am always looking for ways to use them all up! 

Now, if you are anything like me, you might be collecting far too many washi tape sets, and have really no idea what else to do with them! SO! I am here to help, and have come up with 7 really simple but fun DIY washi tape ideas! Now before we get started, if you have not indeed started your own washi hoard, or have indeed not started collecting washi tapes, check out this link here to grab more!


1: Rainbow Bookmarks made from Washi

If you are looking for something really simple to do with that extra washi tape you have, and also want a simple but cute gift to make people with washi tape, these really easy bookmarks are a cute way to show a book lover you care! 

For this, all you need is some paper and washi tape. Use your paper and line it with the rainbow washi tape. Trim it to size and add some clouds. I've added a little star and a ribbon for it to be easy to find in your planner or notebook or book!

2: Envelopes lined with Washi Tape

These again are really easy to make, you will need some colored paper and washi in a contrasting color or a complimentary color depending on the look you are aiming to achieve. 

Use the paper to cut out the shape of the envelope and then stick all the sides together. It will be the perfect size to pop into your planner or bullet journal to store some keepsakes. 

Personally I found this style a super fun way to use my washi tape because there were so many styles and alternatives you can make with these. 

3: Using washi tape as an accent in your Bullet Journal or Planner

This simple idea can be used for a variety of things, and what is awesome about this idea is that you can easily change the color palette depending on your theme and feel. 

Here I have gone with rainbows, to help create a really fun happy vibe in my bullet journal. In both these examples, I am not paying too much attention to sticking them down exactly straight, but giving it more of a haphazard feel to give it some texture. 

In our one example, I have used the washi tape to create a border on a master to-do list page and on the page, I have used it as a center feature for my weekly spread! 

There are absolutely tons of washi tape ideas for bullet journals and it is not just limited to making borders and creating simple accents. 

4: Using washi tape as page markers

This is something that is SO easy to do, especially if it happens that your planner or bullet journal does not have page numbers or you do not have dividers set up. 

To do this, you will need to create yourself a simple tab key, which serves you much like an index would. You then use the same color in the same location on the pages when you have something important to remember on a page, or a specific collection or details or events.

Now sometimes, this might mean you will have more than 1 color on your page, and that is totally ok because it means you can categorize more than one thing to a page and STILL find it easily. 

5: Making Washi Tape bows for cards, gifts or accents

When you are looking for ways to use up that extra washi, this technique uses 3 styles of washi, you will need some paper again as this will give the washi some structure to turn into a bow. 

You will use one color for the "puffy" bow arms and the rest for the "ribbons" or bands. You can easily pop this onto gifts, or cards or even into your notebook. The puffy arms do not have to be "puffy" and in fact, could lie flat id you want to add something like this into your planner or journal. 

6: Using your washi tape to accentuate banners and headings 

Banners and headings are made simple with this technique. You can add boxes and highlight new pages sections or collections in your bullet journal or planner using these washi tape styles. 

The first thing I have done here is to use 5 pieces stuck closely together to create the first banner. I have used a thick marker to create a border around the washi tape.

To highlight another style of header I have used the washi tape as the backing for the bottom two headers which really show off the words against the washi tape. Using a permanent marker on the washi means that it will not smudge off, and it does not bleed through the washi either. 

7: Using washi tape to create a simple gratitude or cover page in your bullet journal

I wanted to showcase here, how simple it can be to use a couple pieces of washi to create a really artistic page. Here, all I have done, is layer washi over each other, using colors that are predominant in the sticker I wanted to use. I then used the sticker to tie it all together. 

Now, this would make a gorgeous cover page, welcome month page, memory planner page or even, like I have it below, a gratitude page. 

See our how-to video, outlining how we made these fun washi tape creations:

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