37 Minimalistic Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

37 Minimalistic Bullet Journal Layout Ideas


1. Azalea Bloom Wide Washi Tape Layout

2. Wheat Field Washi Tape Layout 

3. Irises Washi Tape Layout

4. Irises Washi Tape Layout

5. Alice in Wonderland Washi Tape Layout


6. Alice in Wonderland Washi Tape Layout


7. Fluttering Butterfly Wide Washi Tape Layout

8. Irises Washi Tape Layout

9. In Bloom Washi Tape Layout


10. Floral Essence Washi Tape Layout

11. Floral Essence Washi Tape Layout

12. Floral Essence Washi Tape Layout

13. Fragrance Washi Tape Layout

14. Aungkon Washi Tape Layout

15. Fluttering Butterfly Wide Washi Tape Layout

16. In Bloom Washi Tape Layout

17. In Bloom Washi Tape Layout

18. Black & White Film Washi Tape Layout

19. Wanderlust Washi Tape Layout

20. August End Washi Tape Layout

21. Aungkon Washi Tape Layout

22. Summer Solstice Washi Tape Layout

23. Summer Solstice Washi Tape Layout

24. Summer Solstice Washi Tape Layout

25. Harmony Washi Tape Layout

26. Hygge Washi Tape Layout

27. Fall Equinox Washi Tape Layout

28. Champagne Floral Washi Tape Layout

29. Alice in Wonderland Washi Tape Layout

30. Glitter Washi Tape Layout

31. Fluttering Butterfly Wide Washi Tape Layout

32. Botanicals Washi Tape Layout

33. Glitter Washi Tape Layout

34. Autumn Leaves Wide Washi Tape Layout

35. Letters from Autumn Washi Tape Layout

36. Savory Pastel Washi Tape Layout

37. Fall Equinox Washi Tape Layout

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  • Beautiful creations. A real wonder.

    Paula on
  • Van Gogh’s Irises have always been one of my favorite paintings. As soon as I saw the washi tape, I knew I had to get the whole set. Can’t wait to try some of these layouts with it!

    Tara on
  • wow, these are all gorgeous. Thank you, they’re so inspiring.

    Tina on
  • I love all these creative ideas! Thanks for posting!

    Martha on
  • Wash Tape Shop takes journaling to another level! Thank you for sharing the 37 incredible designs. I’m completely inspired by their beauty.

    Cate on
  • They are gorgeous. Thank you! Now how to choose just one?

    CAROL on
  • I love posts like this one- full of inspiration and ideas- showing the many ways to use a craft supply. And washi tape is an absolute favorite!

    Patty Pittala on
  • These are so beautiful. ♥ Love the creativity, and how unique they each look with the different washi designs!

    Ioana on
  • Absolutely love these spreads! They are gorgeous. I have a lot of these tapes already and I am very excited to try them out for myself ! I really like the Van Gogh tapes. They are so beautiful and unique.

    Faith on
  • Very inspiring, love the layouts I am definitely going to start journaling with these. I Will be putting in an order for myself and my 10-year-old granddaughter for Christmas she will love them. Thank you for the ideas.

    Caroline on

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