Top 10 Washi Tape Crafts to Try TODAY

Top 10 Washi Tape Crafts to Try TODAY

One of the most common questions we get asked about our washi tape is:

“How do you use it?”

Well... where do we even start?

There are so many fun and crafty ways to use this gorgeous decorative tape made from traditional Japanese paper! Not to mention that it’s a must-have stationery supply for:

  • Penpalers
  • Bullet journalers
  • Scrapbookers
  • Home organizers
  • And Card-makers, to name a few!

If you’re looking for some inspiration to spice up your crafting projects, or maybe just want to know what the fuss is all about, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite projects from the crafting community.

These are 10 projects you can try today with your favourite washi tapes. And if you don’t own any yet, we’re 99.9% sure that these creative artists will convince you to hop in on the fun!

(Featured Photo Credits: Ioana of Mistral Spirit @mistralspirit)

1. Washi Tape Art

We have to kick off this list with washi tape art. The possibilities are endless with this idea, and we’ve seen some spectacularly creative ones.

(Photo Credits: Ioana of Mistral Spirit @mistralspirit)

Our team member, Ioana (@mistralspirit), uses washi tape from The Washi Tape Shop in her bullet journal as a creative outlet alongside her daily to-dos.

(Photo Credits: Ioana of Mistral Spirit @mistralspirit)

All you need for this craft is some washi tape and a precision or crafting knife, like an X-Acto knife. Because washi tape is made of paper and not plastic, simply tape it down and then cut lightly to form a crease that’s enough to rip apart the fibers. Then, you can peel it off - it doesn’t leave any residue!

(Photo Credits: Kasey the Golden)

We’re maybe a little bit obsessed with Kasey the Golden’s illustrations and unique style. On her YouTube channel, she loves experimenting with different mediums, and she’s made some really out-of-the-box washi tape illustrations.

(Photo Credits: Carla Sonheim of

Instead of tracing along a line, you can also cut or rip the washi tape into its own unique shapes, and use that to add some texture to your art.

This rooster made with washi tapes by artist Carla Sonheim is incredible!

(Photo Credits: Ioana of Mistral Spirit @mistralspirit)

2. Mood Board

What is a mood board without some washi tape to give it some flair and character? Ioana of Mistral Spirit put together a fantastic mood board video to help kick-start your very own, complete with some prompts and easy-to-follow steps!

(Photo Credits: Ioana of Mistral Spirit @mistralspirit)

Mood boards don’t just need to be in a notebook, though. The wall mood board idea below by Meeha is sure to inspire you while you’re working away in your home office.

(Photo Credits: Meeha of

3. Journal Cover

(Photo Credits: Lia Griffith)

Washi tapes come in so many beautiful patterns and unique designs that you can showcase them right on the front of your plain-old notebooks!

Or, take note from Mariah of The Petite Planner and use it to fill up that awkward inner page… you never know what to do with it either, right?

(Photo Credits: Mariah of The Petite Planner)

 4. Decorate picture frames

(Photo Credits: Maxwell Tielman for Design Sponge)

Similar to the wall art mood board idea, this one highlights your individual photos.

This photo by Design Sponge show off some really creative geometric shapes you can create around the photos, but you can use washi tape to decorate wooden or plastic frames, too!

5. Decorate a penpal envelope

(Photo Credits: Marion @marionbcn)

Washi tape is a snail mail staple! For this craft, we recommend pairing two tapes that go really well together, like Marion did in the photo above, or creating a mini washi-tape colour palette beforehand for each decorative letter.

Alternatively, you can look for washi tape sets if you don’t want to worry about creating the perfect match.

6. Create a greeting card

(Photo Credits: Melissa of

Birthdays, holidays, Valentine’s Day… whatever the occasion, there’s a washi tape for it! And if there’s a washi tape for it, you can get crafty and make your very own handmade cards!

Melissa of used washi tape for the backdrop of her card (photo above), but you can also sneak in our first idea - washi tape art - to create ones like Ioana of @mistralspirit (below).

(Photo Credits: Ioana of Mistral Spirit @mistralspirit)

 7. Make tiny flags for your cooking project

(Photo Credits: Author unknown, but found on Pinterest!)

It may be awhile before we can entertain large parties again, but in the meantime we can bring the party to our home by getting crafty with our work-from-home snacks. Surprise your family for movie-night and try adding some funky flair to your next appetizer or charcuterie board!

(Photo Credits: Ang of Juggling Act Mama)

These cupcakes with cute washi flags also make the perfect distanced drop-off gift for your family and friends.

8. Decorate your fridge magnets

Have you ever gotten a fridge magnet in the mail that was just so strong but also… not that pretty? Washi tape definitely comes to the rescue in this situation - check out the blog post over at Crafts Unleashed for an awesome idea for making the most of your not-so-pretty fridge magnets.

(Photo Credits: Rena for Crafts Unleashed)

Washi tape fridge magnets can come in many other forms, too, including on redecorated pegs and photo polaroids!

(Photo Credits: Atypical Type A)

(Photo Credits: Laura and Tia of Little Button Diaries)

9. DIY phone case

(Photo Credits: Cyd Converse for The Sweetest Occasion)

Make the phone case of your dreams with some foil or gilded washi tape! You can go with stripes, polka dots, and even bunting for this one!

(Photo Credits: Louise Scott for Makeful Beta)

10. Transform your computer keyboard

(Photo Credits: Author unknown, but found on Pinterest!)

Don’t let work-from-home get you down… we love this computer keyboard transformation craft because it can add some colour and fun to an item we use every day!

(Photo Credits: Sweet Living Magazine)


The Washi Tape Shop

The Washi Tape Shop is your online destination for everything stationery and washi tapes. We are based out of Toronto, Canada and work directly with our suppliers in Asia to bring you an incredible selection of awesome and unique washi tapes and stationery. We also offer free international shipping for all orders!

So, how do you use washi tape?

If you’ve gotten this far, we hope you're convinced by now that the possibilities are endless (and the hype is totally warranted)! Whether you’re a journaler, crafter, scrapbooker, decorator, or penpaler, there’s a craft for you!

Which one are you going to try first?

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  • Im trying the keyboard one first.💜

    M W on
  • I use my washi tape with the negative. Place it on a piece of card stock then top with the negative of a die cut. Makes a beautiful card.

    Claire Guenin on
  • Love the washi tapes I got but disappointed that some lift at the edges??

    Pam on
  • I am having so much fun using the Washi tape. I make acrylic paintings that incorporate Washi tape and other papers. I’m getting some really delicate and mysterious effects with Washi tape.

    Beverly Sunderland on
  • Is it use on wax candle also

    Tejal trivedi on
  • Great ideas ,thank you.

    Judy Rodriguez on
  • I would love the journaling washi tape. Sold out?

    franCi weston on

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