Washi Tape Bookmarks: 3 Ways

Washi Tape Bookmarks: 3 Ways

Bookmarks are just one of the many practical yet creative uses for washi tape.

Whether you’re marking your spot in the book you’re currently reading, flagging a page in your notes to reference later, or adding sections to your planner or journal to stay organized, washi tape bookmarks come in many forms.

Here are our top 3 favourite ideas that you can try today!

1. The Page Flag

This is a classic washi tape page marker for journalers. It's as simple as it gets! We made ours (photo above, credits: @mistralspirit) using the 7 Piece Galaxy Washi Tape Set available in our shop.

All you’ll need is:

That’s it! Simply rip or cut a small section of tape, stick it on the edge of your page, and fold it over itself so it tapes down on the other side.

You’ve now got a colourful page bookmark that stands out.

Also, bonus points if you cut rounded corners, an arrow or a flag shape into the bookmark!

2. The Corner Bookmark

Photo credits: Laura of Serendipidiy has some great instructions for making your own washi tape bookmark.

The corner bookmark has its origins in origami and paper crafts, but washi tape can take it to the next level. It’s so fun and easy that you can make lots of these and give them as gifts to the bookworms in your life, too!

What you’ll need:


  1. Fold your square piece of paper diagonally to form a triangle. Unfold and repeat so you form an "X" with your creases through the corners of the square.
  2. Use scissors to cut out one of the triangles formed by the creases, cutting along the crease as a guide.
  3. Use washi tape to decorate one side of your paper. You can try a striped pattern, or choose a solid pattern for the entire bookmark!
  4. Fold the two flaps on either side of the empty space over each other, so you have a triangle that can slide over top of a page.
  5. Glue the two flaps to each other.

For visual instructions, check out our Instagram Reel made by our team member Ioana (Mistral Spirit) on this cool washi bookmark craft!

There are lots of variations you can try. Maggy of Red Ted Art (photo above) has dozens of origami instructions to make virtually any cute animal or themed bookmark. You can get really creative with your bookmark shapes and folding! Check out her page to learn how she makes them.

3. The Decorative Bookmark

Photo credits: We love these bookmarks from The Fox and Star blog! Check out their page for full instructions.

This is a crafty spin on the classic bookmark! It’s also a great place to make the most of gorgeous standalone designs like our gilded washi tapes or the Van Gogh series.

You’ll need:

  • Plain white paper. If you want a sturdier bookmark, opt for a cardstock or heavier weight paper.
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • A hole punch
  • Ribbon or string

To make a decorative bookmark, cut out a shape into your paper, and decorate using the washi tape you’ve chosen! Then use your hole punch to make a hole near the top, through which you can thread ribbon or string so that your bookmark sticks out of your book when it's closed.

The photo above is our new 20 Pieces Nagiso Gilded Washi Tape Set, now 5 meters long with stronger adhesive and more vibrant than ever!

Any kind of gilded tape is a great choice for these bookmarks if you’re using them for your current read, because the silver and gold will create a beautiful contrast with the text in your book.


Which of these ideas are you going to try next? Do you have another creative bookmark-making idea? Share it with us in the comments!


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  • Washi tape is such a versatile and delightful crafting tool! I’ve used it for various DIY projects, and it always adds a unique touch. Thanks for sharing this informative post.


    Vograce on
  • I like the corner bookmarks

    Peggy Mazzone on
  • I really love not only the aesthetic of this simple tutorial but the lovely measured enthusiasm inherent in the writing as well. I’m a very hard sell when it comes to crafty things like this, and I feel not only the love you have for your materials but the spark of inspiration to make and share. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work 👍🏽🌟🧡💜

    Krislyn Rose on
  • I’ve used washi tape as tags on pages but never thought to trim the end like a flag or round the corners. Great idea!

    Janeen on
  • going to make some bookmarks. thanks for ideas

    Diana on

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