Perfumed Reveries Wide Washi / PET Tape

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Transform your journaling and crafting sessions into a whimsical daydream with our new Perfumed Reveries Wide Washi / PET Tape! Featuring a delightful design of pastel colorful hydrangeas, this tape is your perfect companion for adding a touch of elegance and floral charm to any project.

magine flipping through your journal and being greeted by the soft hues of hydrangeas, each petal whispering tales of tranquil gardens and sunlit afternoons. The Perfumed Reveries tape doesn’t just stick – it tells a story. Its subtle fragrance evokes memories of springtime blossoms, making every project a sensory delight.

In rare cases of PET tape, if part of a complete pattern is cut off, there might be slight ink separation on the cutline. This is normal, and we accounted for this by adding 10cm of free tape to each roll.

  • Brand: WT ( The Washi Tape Shop)
  • Size: 60mm×5m
  • Design Loop: 100cm
  • Material: Washi Tape / PET Clear Tape

Original washi/PET tapes from The Washi Tape Shop now come in dual layers for better protection of our premium prints. It will also allow for easier and cleaner cuts or tear. 

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