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Enter our newsletter collaboration giveaway with NIIMBOT for a chance to win:

  • NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine + Lable Tapes worth $130 USD
  • Washi tapes of your choice from The Washi Tape Shop worth $130 USD

In collboration with Niimbot

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💌 Hey there, Washi Tape enthusiasts! Just a quick heads-up: when you drop your email in our magical collection box, you're granting The Washi Tape Shop and our trusty sidekick, NIIMBOT, the superpower to send you some seriously cool promotional emails down the road. Don't worry, we promise to keep it fun and fabulous! Rest assured, we'll always play by the email collection rules, because rules are like our washi tape patterns - they make everything look even better! So, let's stay connected and make your inbox a little more colorful.

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