#MyJournalStory: Pia of @piasbujo

#MyJournalStory: Pia of @piasbujo

Pia Grönberg is a journal creator and flight attendant who posts her artistic journal spreads on the @piasbujo account on Instagram. As someone who travels for a living, Pia has to be organized -- and derives inspiration from the many destinations she has visited. 

We discuss journaling, travelling with stationery, and travel tips in our interview:

Tell us about how you were introduced to the world of journaling, and what motivated you to start your own journal. 

I was browsing through Pinterest when I came across Amanda Rache Lee. The combination of planning and art caught my attention so I began watching a lot of ‘plan with me’ videos on YouTube.

I continued exploring the bullet journal community on Instagram and found it to be very friendly and supportive so I decided to give it a try. In April 2020 I created my first spread and followed up with an Instagram account. I’m so happy that I found this hobby because it has given me a lot of new friends around the world.

You're very artistic and clearly very talented! Can you tell us where you find inspiration for your work, especially your monthly bujo themes?

Well thank you! That makes me feel humble. I find inspiration from many different sources for example my surroundings, other artists and my daughter, who’s very artistic.

My current February theme is actually inspired by her. Once I’ve decided on a theme I’ll use Pinterest or the internet to gather even more inspiration and ideas. I often like to connect my theme with a story or event. In that way it makes it more interesting.

As a flight attendant, travel is part of your daily life. Can you tell us how journaling has impacted your busy life?

Journaling has really helped me keep myself organized on all levels, both personally and professionally. Ticking off tasks is the best feeling. It clears my mind and it’s so satisfying seeing all my tasks completed.

In my journal I can keep track of my schedule, when I need to book a ticket and also keep track of the whole family’s agenda. I live in Sweden but I’m based in Denmark which means I have to keep track of costs for taxation. Thanks to my journal I can customize the layout to fit my needs and this is one of the great benefits.

Would you say that your travels have inspired you to be more creative?

Travel is such a great source for inspiration. I’m mostly excited about different patterns and colors. Every country has it’s own unique style when it comes to fashion, architecture, food etc. This is very inspiring for an artistic mind.

Can you give us some insight into how you find time to maintain your journal in between work?

Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep up with my journal but I try to keep a healthy balance between work and my hobbies. After all, my journal should help me and not become a burden. I would say that it’s been a learning curve.

If I have a busy month I’ll reduce the amount of spreads so that I won’t get overwhelmed. As I commute I try to use the waiting time in between my flights for journaling. That makes me feel both effective and productive.

Do you travel with a journal or any stationery items?

Yes, I always bring my journal and a little pencil case. However I need to upgrade my pencil case so that I can bring some more items. Creating art and spreads during a layover is actually the perfect time. Journaling at a coffee shop seems so cozy, I think I will try that one day.

When you're at home, what items do you consider essential to creating and decorating your journal?

My most important items are a mechanical pencil for sketching. To fill in the sketch lines I use a hard tip Fudenosuke because it makes both thin and thick strokes which gives depth to the illustration. For coloring, I use Tombow dual brush pens.

They are my favorite and I have recently completed my collection with all 108 pens. They come in so many different colors and shades so they are perfect for blending and creating shadows. To finish of my spread I will always add some beautiful washi tape. Ether around my illusion or using as tabs.

Finally, we usually end on a question about stationery, but we must end by asking you a special question: what's your top travel tip or recommendation for our readers?

Oh, this is a difficult one, there are so many beautiful places to visit but here are two favorites of mine. Norway, with it’s spectacular mountains and fjords. Hurtigruten offers cruises on the fjords and here you will pass by remote small villages.

You might even spot a whale or two. If you like hiking, then this is the place for you. Troll’s tongue, is one of Norways most popular hikes. The end of the trail is a thin sliver of rock and her you can capture the perfect Instagram photo!

My second tip is Cinque Terre, five individual and unique small villages next to each other. They are built on the steep slopes by the coastline, North west of Italy. They are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The buildings are painted with pastel colors and due to the steep slopes they have a very quirky layout, very charming!
Watching the sunset her is magical and if you are looking for adventure, you can go kayaking and explore hidden caves. The villages are connected by railway and ferry but there is also a hiking trail.

Thank you to Pia for participating in this interview. Be sure to her on Instagram

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