#MyJournalStory: Mary Ann of the Peppermint Journal

#MyJournalStory: Mary Ann of the Peppermint Journal

Mary Ann is an Instagram and YouTube creator who makes journaling and scrapbooking content. Having crafted a stunning aesthetic using a variety of vintage-style materials, her content provides great inspiration for beginner journals and scrapbookers. 

We interviewed Mary Ann to learn about her creative work. Here's our chat: 

Please tell us about your creative passions like journaling and scrapbooking. Has this been a lifelong interest of yours?

Since I was a kid, I have loved to do anything about arts whether scrapbooking, journaling or sketching. It's been my passion but I don't have the courage to show it. I've been an introvert but through my family's encouragement and close friends that I have decided to share my creations.

Do you distinguish between journaling and scrapbooking, and if so, how? What purpose does each medium serve?

For me, journaling is like your diary in an art form where even a little happy experience that can be able to share to people that somehow would give them happiness while scrapbooking is those papers, cards or little scraps that through creativity can be a form of art.

Many creators in this space say that they've experienced mental health, professional, or other benefits from engaging in creative activities like journaling and scrapbooking. Would you say that you've experienced any such benefits, and can you tell us about these?

Yes, I have experienced stress and anxiety most of the time since I am the head and breadwinner of the family. I was also diagnosed with Covid-19 in the latter part of the pandemic that I was required to quarantine at home (luckily, I was already vaccinated).

At that time, I even experienced anxiety, my sleeping time drastically changed, I usually sleep at around 12 midnight but that time I slept like 3am in the morning or sometimes 6am in the morning. Journaling and scrapbooking helped me go through with it. I feel relaxed and at peace of mind.

You're active on a variety of social media platforms. What inspired you to share your creations online?

My family and close friends encourage me and when I receive comments or messages that make them happy and give them at ease, it makes me happy as well.

Your social media posts feature a variety of journals, books, stationery items and other materials. Can you give us an overview of your collection of creative supplies?

I have many art/craft materials! From background papers both vintage and aesthetic to stickers, washi tapes, rubber stamps, tape organizers, distress inks, die cut machines and dried flowers, wax seals and waxes. And I still have others on my wishlist that I need to get.

On the topic of scrapbooking specifically, can you tell us about some of your favorite spreads and creations?

My favorite spreads are coffee, vintage and mystical themes like fairies and mermaids. Most of my creations are posted in my social media platform, through imagination it's like there's a story behind it. 

What materials would you recommend a beginner scrapbooker uses to get started with?

Start with having a small notebook or old book, a glue or paste, coloring pencils, old papers that you have. If you want to create a seal wax - use an old white candle and mix it with food coloring or even crayolas. Dried flowers - you can pluck some flowers in your backyard then have them pressed inside your book.

What stationery items or creative materials would you say that you can't personally go without? 

Washi tapes, wooden stamps and ink pads. A notebook and coloring pens. Those are my first few things that I can't personally go without.

Thank you to Mary Ann for this interview. Be sure to follow her on Instagram

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  • I love MaryAnn’s pages. I found her just as I started my journal and scrapbooking journey. I love seeing her creations. I can only hope to inspire people like she inspires me.

    Chrissy8675309 on
  • Love, love love your style !! So pretty and peaceful. Journaling has helped me through a very difficult 3 years of illness. Don’t know where I’d be without it.

    Shari on
  • So beautiful! Love them all.

    Debbie on
  • Inspiring and authentic. Would love to find page clips in photos.

    Cathy on
  • I find your journal and scrapbooking spreads to be so beautiful. I get lost in your artistry and it makes me want to start journaling. Thank you for sharing your work.

    Mary on

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