#MyJournalStory: Jenn of @kaiilatte

#MyJournalStory: Jenn of @kaiilatte

Jenn is a journaling enthusiast and gamer, who has combined these two distinct passions to workspace that meets her needs, with the by-product of a gallery of wonderful photographs on Jenn's Instagram account, @kaiilatte. 

We discussed journals, gaming, and designing a workspace with Jenn:

Can you tell us about your introduction to the world of journaling? How did you get started?

My journey with journaling started in 2017 where I was just coming into my last year of high school. With the stresses of university applications and general workload, I really needed something to help me stay organized while also letting myself be creative and so I discovered the study community on Tumblr and there began my journaling journey.  

How would you describe your journaling style or aesthetic?

My style has definitely evolved over time, but I would say my main style is minimal – I keep my spreads relatively simple which very much reflects my personal aesthetic outside of journaling. 

You use a number of different materials and mediums in your journal — including brush pens, stickers, washi tape, and other inserts, like polaroids and sticky notes. Which materials and stationery items do you consider your journal essentials?

I always tell people the only thing you really need to journal with is a pen and it definitely rings true for me. I always carry a pen with me to just jot down notes and doodle in my journal. I also always have a pack of sticky notes on me for the same reason and both are also things that most people have access to making them my personal journaling essentials to get started with. I also like to keep receipts, tickets, any mementos from my everyday life to insert into my journal as a decorative addition that also holds some sentimental value. 

You’re not only a journal enthusiast, but a gamer as well. How long have you been gaming for?

I’ve been gaming or at least exposed to gaming for as long as I can remember. I remember watching my dad play Diablo II on his computer a couple years after it came out and then getting my own Nintendo DS and playing Pokemon Platinum when it released back in 2008. I’ve been gaming since; it has been a huge part of my life and it continues to be as I get older. 

Your passions for gaming and journaling overlap in your lovely workspace. Can you tell us what makes a good workspace in your view?

Having enough space for all your essentials is one of my biggest things. I used to have a much smaller desk and it felt suffocating with just my monitor, PC, and keyboard but transitioning to a larger desk opens the workspace up and gives me more space to put other items such as having my journal open to quickly check tasks.

In addition to productivity pieces, I think customizing and decorating your workspace with things you love makes the space so much brighter and becomes a place you would love to be in. To this point, I have gifts from friends and some of my plants on my desk and together, my workspace has become one of my favourite places to be. 

Gaming and journaling may seem like an unlikely combination, but you share them both on your Instagram page. What motivated you to combine these passions for your online audience?

Honestly, I just have such a love for both things, and I wanted a space where I could talk and share both things because I didn’t really have a platform to share my gaming adventures.

I also wanted a place for other people who play games like me to share their experiences and have a space for everyone to talk about their passions as well. I’m thankful that both my passions have been so well received by others and I’m thankful for the conversations I was and am able to have with others about some of mine and other’s favourite games. 

Finally, our last question, and something we haven’t asked on our blog before: Can you tell us what your favorite game is, and why?

This is such a difficult question – I love so many I can’t possibly pick one! To list some of my favourites: Genshin Impact, Teamfight Tactics, Stardew Valley, and Pokemon are my top games. I adore role playing games because it just feels like an escape from reality and with games like Stardew, I can completely relax and not worry about anything but my farm, or with Genshin Impact I can transport myself into a whole new world and do whatever I really want to do. If I need to relax, I can spend the day running around collecting mushrooms, or if I need to let out my frustration, I can fight mobs and bosses.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, these games have really helped me through harder times as it serves as the perfect kind of distraction and allows me to adjust my focus onto something else without it being another source of stress. However, I do also have space in my heart for some more competitive games like Teamfight Tactics where it really puts my brain to use. It really fuels my competitive side that begs for “just one more game” because I can’t end on a loss. I could talk for ages about all my favourite games, and I know I will keep discovering new ones that will be added to this ever-growing list. 

Thank you to Jenn for answering our questions. Be sure to follow her on Instagram

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