#MyJournalStory: Elena of @elenabrower

#MyJournalStory: Elena of @elenabrower

Artist, bestselling author, mentor, yoga and meditation teacher for over two decades, podcast host of Practice You, essential oil educator and proud mom, Elena Brower fell in love with @thewashitapeshop during the pandemic, and is now officially hooked on washi, which she's convinced is a sensible addiction. 

In this blog, she walks us through her love of washi, and all that's unfolding creatively for her. 

Since my dear collaborator Michelle Martello introduced me to the magnificence of washi tape, it's been an utter love affair for me. Prints, solids, foils, glitter; the little girl in me has been resurrected and every aspect of my creativity has been enhanced. I've become more fearless in my creations and loosened up my conceptions of what art means. 

In an attempt to share my undying love, I've elaborated here on a few ways in which I love using washi around my home and in my creative work. May these ideas expand your art and your journaling practices. 
And may your connection to yourself deepen as a result of this sweet dive into creativity, especially in the most quotidian moments of your day. 
Washi tape, how do i love thee? Let me count the ways. 

1. For as long as I can remember, I've loved sourcing editorial images and printed words to approximate how I'm feeling. Collaging soothes my soul, and often works better than writing to express my mood. Unspooling a few inches of washi sparks joy and creates coherence in my collage work. The pieces are far more layered with washi interspersed throughout (both decoratively and functionally). 

2. My journaling practice has been seriously upleveled. Even after painting and learning calligraphy for decades, washi tape has enriched and emboldened my journaling time. I use washi to affix images to the pages, to create little flaps under which tiny writings can be hidden. I love adding strips of washi beauty to bring a more layered feel to the page. 

3. Ode to snail mail. With a few strips of washi on a blank card, you'll create magical postcards that your friends and family will be tickled to receive. If you fancy sending letters or cards in envelopes, just a tiny bit of washi makes a joyful closure, a playful accent - gorgeous thoughtfulness that everyone will appreciate.  

4. Organizing has a whole new way around here. My little drawer of washi tape is enough to make me swoon, but now I've begun using washi on my business file folders (the boring ones - taxes, bills, deeds, insurance). Now when I open up my file drawer to play the adult, I'm tickled and thrilled to arrange it all and stay organized.

5. Economics 101. Washi tape is an extremely cost-effective way to woo myself into creative time, as well as helping me keep supplies sorted and serene. 20 rolls of Slim Washi is under $15 - hours of fun and fresh creativity awaits. The Starry Sky set is epic - I can use just one inch (about the size of a postage stamp) and an entire page becomes a magical land. 

6. Sprucing up my date book is the most fun. I love using the tape to organize my days; the Nostalgia Retro Pastel Washi Tape Set is upleveling my date book, moving me to create more memorable notes to self.
7. Marking my vitamin case using washi brings me so much happiness; especially helpful if you can’t remember how many to take and when. 

8. Inspiring my bigger artworks. There’ve been more than a few times when I’ve been using washi tape and suddenly realized I'm inspired to paint a larger painting or drawing based on a particular roll or a pattern. 
9. Loosening my thoughts. I can't really explain this one, other than to say that sometimes the words come out more readily when there's something beautiful leading the way on the page. So when I'm stuck on a thought that I cannot express, I use the Washi Petal Set dots to help me coax my musings onto the journal page. 
10. Deepening my connection with myself. Adding washi tape to my art supplies, glue sticks, paints and pens, I feel a new set of boundaries that somehow bring more freedom to my creations. The mini visual realms I've begun creating in my work using washi helps me verify and refine the feelings I'm feeling. 
Coming up, my Mentorship continues (washi will eventually be part of our creative curriculum!), an inspiring monthly learning portal where you can learn with me all month on selected topics. Aside from attempting to be a smooth mom to a teenager, I'm working on a book, about to release my new Daily Ceremony Deck (coming soon!), practicing piano, painting and learning to cook at least one new dish a week. 
But my most favourite moments are the liminal, creative spaces; no plan, just my drawer full of washi, paper ephemera, watercolors and paint brushes, breeze in the trees, music in my ears. 
Thank you to Elena for sharing this with us.
Be sure to visit Elena: Instagram and website.

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