In Bloom by @opalandfern

April 24, 2021 1 Comment

In Bloom by @opalandfern

Sweet strawberries, tiny flowers, picnics under the sun. Fresh breeze, pink and green, in bloom with you… Here is our behind-the-scenes look at Sophie's process for designing our newest In Bloom 5-piece washi tape set!

This set is a part of our Washi Tape Artist Collaboration project, where we are collaborating with some of your favorite artists to bring you washi tape with incredible art and a story!

Sophie's Design Process & Story

What was the inspiration behind this design?

Wildflowers and springtime have been routed in my brand since I first started Opal & Fern in 2020. They were the inspiration for my first set of designs released in my shop, and I wanted to honour these themes in my first washi designs.

Each design is inspired by flowering gardens and vintage ephemera, with an emphasis on pink and green tones. These washi tapes are meant to bring a sense of brightness and sunshine to your journal pages, scrapbook pages, study notes and more!

I am an avid lover of nature, so these designs are particularly important to my own interests and brand as I believe that there is immense beauty in representations of the natural world.

Watch the video below to see Sophie's explain her unique art style and her creative process!

What was your process for creating the design?

These designs are digital illustrations that I created on my Ipad pro! I always start my designs, whether on paper or digitally, with a simple black outline sketch. I have always been fascinated with line and movement, having this structure to the work always allows me to be really creative with the colours and tones that I include!

Once I finish all of the outlines, I layer a series of colours and tones to create illustrations that evoke their natural forms. When choosing my colour scheme for this series, I really wanted to use colours that reminded me of the spring and summer. Pastel pinks and greens with bright reds ended up being the perfect combination with more neutral browns and yellows!

Together I really wanted these tapes to tell a story of tranquility and happiness.

How would you describe your style as an artist?

I would describe my style as illustrative realism. All of my designs are inspired by everyday life and items, though have an unfinished and more painterly style to them than something that is a perfect reproduction. I love the look of a sharp and distinct outline layered with loose and bright coloured brushwork. 

See more of Sophie's work:

Artist: Sophie @opalandfern | @dotandopal
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About the Washi Tape Artist Collaboration Project

It all starts with a blank page and a creative spark. Support the artists you love, be inspired by stunning made-from-scratch designs, and unleash your creativity with top-quality washi tapes. Join us on our shared journey of turning a blank page into something beautiful!


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Julie staley
Julie staley

April 27, 2021

Beautiful, can’t wait to see what I can do

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