Artist Feature Story: Tonia Tkach

Artist Feature Story: Tonia Tkach

Tell us a little about yourself, where you are from, and anything you’d like us to know about you!

I was born and raised in Ukraine. In the beautiful city of Dnipro, where I took my first steps in drawing. There I went to art school and got a master's degree in architecture.

Despite my architectural education, I realized that my great love is illustration. And I'm glad that today I'm working on illustrations for children's books, magazines, postcards etc.

I draw for graphic stocks and my artwork can appear anywhere around the globe. Now I live and study in the north of Thailand in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. It’s a perfect place for an artist!

We’d love to know more about your beautiful artwork. Where does your artistic inspiration come from?

My inspiration is the environment around me - blooming gardens, mountains and forest nature, flea markets, vintage shops. I can spend hours and hours blowing through a city or a meadow, forest, looking at, photographing or sketching the details.

Photo by Jessica Hui

Any leaf, bug, bird or cat can become the character of my illustration. I am glad to share this beauty, warmth and kindness with others by my illustrations.

How did you end up with your current drawing style?

I drew a lot and brought all the experience accumulated earlier into my technique. I really love fine strokes with a brush, this is due to my architectural education and a large number of graphic works completed over the years of study.

Like wise with the themes for the plots, I was very fond of the history of architecture and the study of the dwelling as a subject of art. Therefore, today I often draw houses and household items, using vintage images.

I keep discovering new techniques and trying out new styles, but watercolor illustration is my favorite

Photo by Jessica Hui

What are your favorite/must-have art tools?

I constantly buy new tools, I love experiments, I even taught myself how to create watercolors from plant pigments. But for work, I need a minimum: good watercolor paper, preferably 300 density cotton, smooth surface; watercolor paints, here I have favorites, but absolutely any will do; synthetic brushes from sizе 00 to size 3. I also use my computer and scanner for digital needs, a small light tablet to transfer the sketch.

Any advice for those looking to improve their drawing/painting skills?

Perhaps I have three pieces of advice:

- Draw whenever you have 10 minutes to spare, bring a small sketchbook and a pencil, always carry it in your pocket, draw whenever possible.

- Watch a lot, the work of other illustrators, classic paintings, good movies, clips. Analyze images, highlight what you like, try to use it in your work.

-Take a course with your favorite artist. Today there are many cool sites with training videos, if you choose a good and intensive program, this can give a very high-quality leap forward.

What art projects are you currently working on?

I always have ongoing work for my graphic stock accounts, now I create collections of illustrations for spring and summer themes. I am also working on creating illustrations for a company that designs patterns for embroidery and starting to design prints for an Italian textile company.

What else is going on in your life currently? Any big plans for 2023

Last year was very difficult for me. Now I live in a beautiful place in the North of Thailand and I plan to devote the whole of 2023 to myself and creativity. I don’t have big plans, I just want to work, study and draw a lot.

Where can we find you online? Let us know your social media channels!
You can find me on instagram:

My work can be found and purchased here:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet you and your amazing clients!

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  • I have recently fallen in love with your artwork through washi stickers from The Washi Tape Shop. Now I’m obsessed!! I adore your style!

    I’m hoping you or someone here might be able to help me. I bought the digital file of the garden girl and I’m starting to print the images on sticker paper. Does the digital file include “cut marks” for die-cutting machines? I’m not sure if I’m even asking that question correctly…

    I have a number of friends who have Cricut machines and if they buy certain digital files, it tells the Cricut to cut around the images while it’s printing. Can anyone tell me how to find out whether the digital download that I bought will do that? Or what should I look for to get a digital file that will do that?

    I sure hope someone sees this and can help me! Thanks so much!!

    Pony on
  • Tonia, thank you for sharing your story! I can see that your artwork touches your heart, your senses, and your memories. They do that for me, too! Oh, I was in Chiang Mai about ten years ago on a mission encounter trip visiting a missionary couple who had been there quite a while. I know their replacements very well. I love Thailand and the people I met there…❤️

    Marcia on
  • I love your artwork. Have you ever designed anything or planned for African Americans?

    Thank you

    Bernice Wittherspoon on
  • I love your new designs
    So cute and innovative.

    Vicki on
  • Your a beautiful young lady and your work is amazing. Are you married

    Amy clark on
  • Your a beautiful young lady and your work is amazing. Are you married

    Amy clark on
  • Hi Tonia, I love your delicious illustrations. Do you have a gallery or a shop where I can look at them in Chiang Mai and could you give me the address ? I will spend a few days there in march.
    All my wishes of good and creative life in Chiang Mai.

    Joelle on
  • Your work is as beautiful as you are. I just love the Washi Tapes I have bought and will definitely get some more at a later date. I have had two lots so far but can’t choose what to have next…they are all so delightful. I wish you so much love and health over the next year and that you continue with your work. Your work is so different, and that is what makes you unique. The Washitape company chose wisely when they chose your work to put on their product. Thank you.

    Patricia Ann Fuller on
  • I have adored Tonia’s artwork for years and it’s so exciting to see her illustrations popping up on craft websites! I wish her a peaceful and creative 2023 and can’t wait to see what magical artwork she dreams up next ❤️

    Suzy on

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