4 School & Office Organization Hacks with Washi Tapes

February 17, 2021 2 Comments

4 School & Office Organization Hacks with Washi Tapes

It’s not easy to stay organized, motivated, and on top of all your school work as a student. Making studying fun and creative can help with that, and there are so many resources, strategies and inspiration in the “study community” corner of the internet!

Ioana of Mistral Spirit is a YouTube creator and blogger whose mission is to help students and lifelong learners do just that. Below she’s sharing 4 school organization hacks that use washi tape. Use these ideas to help your students, children, or yourself stay organized while also boosting motivation to learn and enjoy studying!

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1 | Removable Calendar Events



Great for bullet journals or planners, washi tape is removable and leaves no residue, so you can use it for all-day or week-long events like:

  • Exams
  • Major assignments
  • School breaks
  • Weekend activities

This idea is perfect for events that might be rescheduled, or ones you really want to highlight!


2 | Hole Punch Reinforcements


You can decorate the entire left-hand margin, or use our washi tape petals (pictured above) to reinforce individual hole punches that are getting worn from use.

Sometimes your pages just need that added back-up while studying!


3 | Wall Bulletin Board or Calendar



Washi tape is right up there with sticky notes when it comes to wall-safe stickiness! Use it to create a border for a to-do list, a bulletin board, or create a grid pattern and set up an entire wall calendar for yourself.

Sticky notes and washi tape go hand-in-hand for this idea.


4 | Decorate Plain Dividers … or Create Your Own


Finally, fold washi tape to create bookmarks, dividers, and to cover up plain dividers. You can get creative by rounding the corners or cutting a small triangle to create a flag.

If you use binders for school, this one's especially for you!


Watch the Video Tutorial 

Which idea did you like the best? Do you use washi tape for school in a different way? Share it in the comments below!

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Nancy Osborn
Nancy Osborn

February 26, 2021

I use certain patterns of washi tapes to distinguish that an item is mine. A very good example of this are my very expensive Alcohol markers! I use a basic black with white dots for my Copics and a basic white with black grid on any other brands (since I work with roughly 8 different brands). But when I’m in a class or workshop setting, I can easily see, at a glance, which markers belong to me (or if someone is using one of mine). When you have 30+ people all with hundreds of markers, it can get confusing who owns what. This way I can go in with a type of confidence that my things are, in a way, protected. My supplies are not cheap and are investments, so I treat them as such. I also use this method on rulers, triangles, scissors, glue bottles, etc. I really need to have a pretty washi “petal” with my initials made – that would definitely help them stand out! Hmmm… 🤔

Pat Willbanks
Pat Willbanks

February 25, 2021

They are so gorgeous!

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