Vernal Equinox Washi Tape Set

“When I was conceptualizing the initial design, Spring had just arrived. Everywhere around me, was full of flowers and many pleasant colors. Then as I dove into the details; the raindrops, the breeze, birds, flowers, clouds, and other things related to Spring came to life.”

Artist: Xiaofei

Eco-Friendly Printing technology for the most vibrant gilded washi tapes you've ever seen. Look closely, and you will see the incredible artwork cast upon our premium washi paper. 

  • 5 piece set
  • Size: 30mm x 5m x 5

Original washi tapes from The Washi Tape Shop now come in dual layers for better protection of our premium prints and gold foiling. It will also allow for easier and cleaner cuts or tear. The Washi Tape Shop | Free International Shipping