Alice in Wonderland Washi Tape Set

"I have been obsessed with fantasy stories since I was a child. It's a pity that many stories I read are about princesses waiting for the prince's salvation, or the adventures of men and boys. Alice in Wonderland was the first adventure story about a girl I have come across. The magical scenes, the amazing adventures...all of it deeply attracted me and immersed me into this amazing world that is Alice's.

Thus I want to share this world that Alice brought to me, to all the brave girls with curiosity, and also to my childhood self and tell her that "There is magic in this world, and you also have magic. Creativity and imagination are your magic."
Artist: Zhai'a
  • Width: 60mm × 1; 30mm ×2; 20mm×2
  • Length: 5 meters

Original washi tapes from The Washi Tape Shop. This set now comes in a single layer for easier tear and storage. The Washi Tape Shop | Free International Ship


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